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Barbell Military Press Front of Neck (Front and Outer Shoulders)
1) Raise barbell to shoulders
2) Sit at end of bench, feet about 16" apart. Keep chest high, back straight
3) Press bar to arms' length overhead. Use slow steady motion
4) Lower bar back to starting position
Barbell Military Press Behind Neck (Front and Outer Shoulders)
1) Clean barbell above head and rest on shoulders behind head
2) Keep feet firmly planted on floor. Back straight against support
3) Press barbell to arms' length behind head. Press the weight slow and steady
4) Lower barbell back to starting point behind neck
Seated Dumbell Press (Front and Outer Shoulders)  
1) Raise dumbells to shoulder height. Sit at end of bench, feet firm against floor
2) Keep elbows out, thumbs facing in. Press dumbells arms' lenght overhead
3) Lower weight to starting position
Front Dumbell Raises (Front Shoulders)  
1) Hold dumbells in front of thighs (palms facing in)
2) With arms straight, elbows locked, raise dumbells in semi circular motion
3) Raise until dumbells are arms' length overhead
4) Return weight to starting position using same path
Seated Dumbell Lateral Raises (Front and Outer Shoulders)  
1) Sit at end of bench feet firmly on floor
2) Hold dumbells with palms in, arms straight down at sides
3) Raise dumbells in semi circular motion a little past shoulder height
4) Pause, then lower weights to starting position following same path
5) Keep arms straight at all times
Seated Dumbell Bent Over Lateral Raise (Rear Shoulders)  
1) Sit at end of bench feet firmly on floor close together. Hold dumbells
2) Bend forward until chest nearly touches upper thighs
3) Hand dumbells between lower legs and bench. Keep arms straight and elbows locked
4) Raise dumbells in semi circular motion until parallel with floor, even with ears
5) Lower weights in same path
Barbell Upright Rows (Front Shoulders and Trapezoids)  
1) Hold barbell, palms down, hands about 18" apart
2) Start with barbell at arms' length. Pull bar straight up until nearly under chin
3) Keep elbows out to side, as high as ears. Keep bar close to body
4) Pause momentarily at top before lowering to starting position
5) Concentrate on shoulders as you lower weight
Dumbell Shrugs (Trapezoids)  
1) Stand with feet 16" apart. Hold dumbells at arms' length near thighs
2) Stand erect. Drop both shoulders down to front as much as possible
3) Raise shoulders up and rotate them in a circular motion from front to rear returning to the starting position at the end of the repetition
4) Keep back straight
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