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Standing Barbell Curl (Biceps)
1) Hold barbell with medium grip (palms up about 12" apart)
2) Stand erect, back straight, head up, feet about 16" apart
3) Start with bar at upper thighs
4) Curl bar up until forearms touch biceps (Curl in a semi - circular motion)
5) Keep upper arms close to sides
6) Lower weight to starting position (don't rest weight on thighs)
Preacher Curl with Easy Curl Bar (Biceps)
1) Lie face forward on flat preacher bench
2) Have upper bottom down to upper pectorals over end of bench
3) Hold bar with grip 16" apart (palms up)
4) Start with bar at arms' length
5) Keep arms against pad. Curl bar in semi circular motion until forearms touch biceps
6) Lower weight to starting position (don't rest weight on pad)
Contentration Curl - Dumbell (Biceps)  
1) Hold dumbell in hand (palm up)
2) Sit on end of bench (feet firmly on floor about 24" apart)
3) Bend slightly forward and place free hand on knee
4) Rest upper arm with dumbell against inner thigh (about 4" above knee)
5) Curl dumbell to shoulder height (keep upper arm against thigh at all times)
6) Lower dumbell to starting position
7) Reverse movement with other arm
Cable Curl (Biceps)  
1) Stand facing low pulley station (hold short bar attached to pulley) palms up
2) Stand back from pulley to allow arms to support weight with arms extended
3) Curl bar up until forearms touch biceps (keep upper arms close to sides)
4) Lower weight to starting position (don't rest weight on stack)
Hammer Curl (Biceps)  
1) Sit on bench with back supported (hold dumbell in each hand)
2) Keep head up and feet firmly on floor
3) With dumbells at side (palms in ) curl dumbells up as you turn palms up
4) Curl dumbells up and outward keeping forearms in line with shoulders
5) Curl until the dumbells are at shoulder height and at sides of shoulders
6) Lower weights back to starting position in controlled manner
Reverse Barbell Curl (ForeArms and Biceps)  
1) Hold barbell with palms down grip about 18" apart
2) Stand erect with feet about 6" apart
3) With barbell at arm's length against upper thighs curl barbell to height of shoulders
4) Keep back straight, legs and hips locked out
5) Lower weight in a controlled manner very very slowly
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