Why Workout Clothing Is Important

Author: Joseph Krachenfels

When working out, whether it is with weights, aerobics, or even a sport such as basketball or tennis, it is very important to both keep all of your joints covered, and to keep your body temperature slightly elevated. Wearing a pair of sweat pants or track pants, and a long sleeved t-shirt or sweatshirt over a tank top or short sleeved t-shirt does this best. The sweats and sweatshirt do not have to be made of a thick material; it is okay if they are thin or of a lighter material, as long as you feel slightly warm in them, and that all of your joints are covered.

The reason for this is that in keeping all of your joints covered (IE your knees, and elbows, as well as, your lower back); you are less prone to injury. As Dr. Peter J Connelly states, “some of the most common injury’s that I observe and treat on a regular basis are, low back, knee, and elbow pain, and some of them are exercise related”. While there are many reasons for these injuries, keeping your joints covered during exercise will help in greatly reducing the risk of injury. As well, the clothing that you workout in, should be slightly loss fitting on your body, as opposed to tight fitting. This is important, because it ensures that your clothing will not hamper your circulation, which is very important when you are exercising and blood and oxygen are trying to get to your muscles as toxins are trying to be removed.

In addition, wearing clothing that covers more of your body will also slightly raise your body temperature. This is also helpful in reducing the chance of incurring an injury when working out, because a muscle that is warm as opposed to cold has less of a chance of being injured while exercising. However, and perhaps more importantly, for those that want to burn body fat and build quality muscle, as QUESTFORMUSCLE.COM’s Director of Training Alfonso Duran states “wearing warmer clothes when you workout will make you sweat more, aiding in helping you in burning body fat, and building muscle”.

As an additional note to this, please do not start wearing 3 or 4 shirts or sweat shirts to try and sweat more. This is not recommended and can be dangerous. As well, make sure that you drink plenty of water so that you will keep yourself hydrated.

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