What Is Cycling And Why Should I Use It In My Program?

Author: Joseph Krachenfels

You may have noticed that many weight training programs are static and routinely provide you with a list of exercises to perform for a set number of repetitions that does not vary over the entire course of your training program. While training in this fashion will produce results for you at first, your body has the uncanny ability to adapt very quickly to the stress that is applied to it while weight training. As a result, by repeating the same style of workouts over and over again, your body quickly starts to adapt to this repeated stress, and once fully adapted, it stops responding, or in your case producing results in body fat loss, muscle mass, conditioning, and strength/power. In order to keep the results coming, you need to constantly implement new training techniques. While there are many ways to do this, one of the easiest, and most productive ways is by cycling.

Cycling is a training method that works by systematically changing the number of repetitions that you perform for a given muscle and its corresponding exercises from one workout to the next. Training in this fashion will allow you to go a little heavier each workout, which will enable you to gain strength, build muscle, burn body fat, and increase your conditioning. As well, you will be training the muscle differently each workout, so that your body does not have a chance to adapt to the training.

Cycling works incredibly well for all types of weight training athletes, whether you are a female weight training athlete that just wants to tone up, or a body builder that is striving to build mounds and mounds of muscle mass, or a basketball player that seeks a higher level of conditioning, Cycling will work for you. The only difference in incorporating the principal of Cycling into your training is in the number and style of the repetitions that you will perform. A women training to tone up will perform a different number and style of repetitions (Cycling scheme), than a body builder training to build muscle mass size. And that is why all of QUESTFORMUSCLE.COM’s training programs have been designed with this in mind. So if you are looking for the proper way to apply the principals of Cycling into your training, then look no further because all of QUESTFORMUSCLE.COM’s training programs have been designed utilizing the principals of Cycling.

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