Abdominal Exercises Cliff Notes

Author: Joseph Krachenfels

Abdominal Exercises Strategy

A great set of abdominals is what everyone desires. It is potentially the most attractive or unattractive part of the human physique. Yet because we know we can hide our abdominals with loose fitting clothing, we may ignore it during our workouts. In addition, genetics, lifestyle, and other factors may let our abdominals get out of shape. The result is not only an unattractive mid-section, but greater risk for back injury or pain.

The Struggles with Abdominal Exercises

The difficulty in working out our abdominals comes in many parts. What exercises are most effective? How many reps should I do? How frequently should I work out? How long will it take to see results? The answers too these questions vary and are based upon many things.

There are many exercises for the abdominals, some better then others, however it ultimately comes down to how you perform the exercises that will determine how effective they are. When performing the exercises several things must be considered:

• Technique
• Speed / Tempo
• Breathing
• Exercise Variation
• Duration and Frequency
• Intensity

Here are some common mistakes people make when performing abdominal exercise:

• They perform different exercises all working the same abdominal muscles. There are several areas of the abdomen you need to target. Try to break them down into the lower, upper, and sides (oblique).

• They perform the exercises way too fast. This allows momentum and not the muscles to do the work.

• They hold their breath. Muscles need oxygen to work to capacity.

• They perform the same exercises every single workout. One thing muscles are great at is adapting. This will limit the results greatly.

• They do way too many sets, way too often. Yes, the abdominal muscles can be worked more than other major muscle groups, but like all muscles they need rest. Also, if you are working them out for an hour or so, you definitely need to change your technique.

• They don’t have any intensity in their program or they are beginners who push way too hard. The latter can lead to back problems and can be really dangerous.

How can I design an effective Abdominal Exercise Program?

You can spend a long time trying to design your own program, or just experimenting until you get the results you want. Or you can check out the abdominal exercise program we have here on our website called Ultimate Abs. The program really works the abs, and will produce rapid results. It utilizes some very innovative techniques that you rarely see in other abdominal exercise programs. One of these cool techniques is called constant tension. By using this technique you will be able to get greater results with your abs workout in much less time. So get that firm six pack you desire. But remember, you reap what you sow!

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