Shaping and Toning III

  (6 weeks)

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Our women’s Shaping & Toning program III is our most advanced wShaping and Toning IIIomen’s Shaping & Toning program, and is designed for the female weight training athlete that has either previously completed our women’s Shaping & Toning programs I and II, or that has been weight training consistently for at least 1 year.

The women’s Shaping & Toning program III goes a step beyond our previous women’s Shaping & Toning programs in that the women’s Shaping & Toning program III continues to progressively raise the intensity level of your training. Once again a different muscle group training split has been implemented, as well as, the addition of more new and challenging exercises. In addition, the total number of sets for each muscle has changed, and the repetition protocol has been upgraded. Included with all of this are new and improved abdominal training guidelines, guaranteeing to get your abdominals in shape even faster than before, and cardiovascular training guidelines. And as with our other training programs the women’s Shaping & Toning program III is a 6 week training program, containing workouts that can be completed in approximately 1 hour.

All of these changes have been implemented in order to ensure your continued progress in the areas of body fat loss, increased shape and toning, and in improving your overall health and conditioning. It is important that you understand that the only way to continue to produce results to your body is to continually challenge yourself in the gym. There are many different ways of doing this, such as changing the muscles you train from one workout to the next, varying the amount of repetitions that you perform, and even changing around the exercises that you will perform. However, keeping track of all of this may seem like a daunting task, and that is why the trainers of have done the work for you. All that you need to do is follow the training programs and reap the rewards, it is just that easy.

Included with the Shaping and Toning Program III is:
  • Daily workouts for each day of your training program (each daily workout is different, different exercises, sets and repetitions)
  • A breakdown of the sets and repetitions for each exercise, this ensures you that you perform just the right amount of exercise, not to much or too little, in order to produce results at the most optimal rate
  • The best combinations of exercises for each individual body part, necessary to completely train each muscle fully and produce the shaping and toning effect
  • Proper repetition tempo (speed), so that you get the most out of each exercise
  • Proper rest in between set guidelines, to make sure that you are working at the correct level of intensity
  • Columns for you to record the weights that you have trained with and the amount of repetitions that you have completed
  • Cardiovascular training guidelines including the proper amount of time to train, and recommendations on how to select cardiovascular training equipment
  • A direct e-mail address so that you can ask any, and as many questions that you may have about your training program
  • Guidelines to ensure that you are performing your workout as safe and productively as possible in order to increase your gains in a minimal amount of time


Here’s what those that have already completed the Shaping and Toning Program III have to say:

Yoel Nickelson, Austin, TX


"The tips on admonials and the cardio instructions have taken over 2 inches off my waste. I can finally fit into my old clothes."
Jasmine Sonnet, NY, NY

"I have been weight training for 10 years. I was getting bored and needed a change. Your program has gotten me back in the gym with more intensity then ever. The beauty is I can now get results withing spending all day there."


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